• 1. Firstly ensure that the dishwasher is correctly installed and tested.
    For more information see the Correct Positioning topic.
  • 2. Open the appliance door.
  • 3. Remove the lower rack.
  • 4. Locate the salt compartment.
  • 5. Unscrew the salt compartment lid and remove.
  • 6. Place the funnel supplied into the salt compartment top-up hole.
  • 7. Pour in about 1L of water.
  • 8. Then add salt until the compartment is full. Once full remove the funnel.
    This is usually about 1.5kg of salt (maximum).
  • 9. Wipe up any excess salt and screw the salt compartment lid on firmly.
  • 10. Replace the bottom drawer and close the appliance.
  • 11. Run a maintenance wash (empty load) to ensure that any salt in the dishwasher is rinsed away.
    For more information on running a programme, see the Running a wash cycle topic.