• Washing times are estimated and will vary due to the type of clothes and weight of the clothes.
  • 1. Open the drum door and place your laundry into the appliance.
  • 2. Add any detergents or fabric softeners into the correct sections of the detergent drawers.
    For more information, see the Detergent drawer topic.
  • 3. Press the on/off button.
  • 4. Select a programme using the programme selection knob.
    For more information, see The programme selector topic.
  • 5. If required, select the temperature using the temperature selection button.
  • 6. If required, select the times of an extra rinse using the rinse button.
  • 7. If required, select the spin speed for the wash using the spin selection button.
  • 8. Press the options button to select any additional features required.

    Pre-wash — This function for clothing which is heavily soiled and will be more efficient at removing stains.

    Intensive — This function will prolong the wash time, therefore giving a better wash and more efficient at removing stains.
  • 9. Press the start/pause button to begin your wash cycle.
  • 10. To see the progress of the current wash cycle you can refer to the programme and function status display window.