• 1. Ensure the machine is not over loaded.
    For more information see the Basics of loading the appliance topic.
  • 2. Check the programme cycle. It may be that the dishes are too heavily soiled for the programme selected. Try an longer hotter programme.
    For more information see the Running a wash cycle topic.
  • 3. When loaded, check that the spray arms move freely and do not get caught on items being washed.
  • 4. Check for blockages to the spray arms nozzles in particular, dirty spray arm nozzles will reduce water flow during washing.
    For more information see the Cleaning the spray arms topic.
  • 5. Halve the dishwasher tablet if the lid is difficult to close. Detergent may not be released properly if the lid is too tight.
  • 6. Alternatively use a detergent with bleaching agents.