• Place the fridge freezer in a well-ventilated humidity-free room without obstructing the rear fan or grills. Your fridge freezer will give off some heat during normal operation and it needs good ventilation to operate properly and efficiently.
  • 1. Remove all the packaging from around and inside your appliance.
  • 2. Make sure that your appliance is on a level and sturdy floor. If your floor is uneven, the front feet can be adjusted until the appliance is level.

    Also see the “Adjusting the feet” topic for further information.

    After levelling, the appliance will need to rest in order for its internal gasses to settle before it is switched on. Check your user manual for the recommended resting time, but this can be up to four hours.
  • 3. As a general rule, aim to leave a space of at least 10 cm between the top part of your fridge freezer and anything above it, and at least 10cm between the sides and any furniture or walls.

    Ensure that the appliance is not placed where it can be subject to any sources of heat such as direct sunlight, radiators, electric heaters or cookers and so on.
  • 4. Once installed, the appliances electrical wire and plug must be within reach and must not be bent or squashed.
  • 5. WARNING: The plug must not be used without a fuse cover. If a replacement fuse holder/cover is required, it must be of the same colour coding or wording as shown on the base of the plug.
  • 6. For more information see the other topics in the “Installation and Getting Started” section of this guide.