• 1.

    Select your desired Language and press OK.

  • 2.

    Select your Country and press OK.

  • 3. Select your Time Zone and press OK.
  • 4.

    Scroll to your desired wired/ wireless network and press OK.

  • 5.

    Press OK to bring up the virtual keyboard.

  • 6.

    Enter the Wi-Fi Password, then select OK and press OK.

  • 7.

    Wait for a connection to be made.

  • 8. Press OK to accept All EULA Items.
  • 9.

    Select Start and press OK to complete wireless set-up.

  • 10. To sign in to Netflix select Start Now, or if you do not wish to set up Netflix at this time select Later and press OK.
  • 11. Select your primary input ( E.g., TV ) and press OK.
  • 12. Select Begin scanning and press OK.
  • 13.

    Select your desired reception (E.g. Antenna) and press OK.

  • 14.

    Press Right using the Directional buttons.

  • 15.

    Select Channel type and Scan Mode and press OK.

    DTV (Digital Television Vision) is the standard choice for finding Freeview channels.
  • 16. Scroll Right using the Directional Buttons.
  • 17.

    Auto Scan will now begin.

  • 18.

    Your U8B is now set up, select Done and press OK.